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How to get qualified signatures

It's easy to get your contracts signed with Qualified Signatures on Legalesign.

What are Qualified Signatures?

Qualified signatures are the strongest form of electronic signature. They are a standard laid down in EU law (that applies across the UK too) that uses strong cryptography and a thorough identity-proving process to generate a strong legal bind between a person and a contract.

The three electronic signature standards in EU law are 'Basic', 'Advanced' and 'Qualified'. If a signatory does not use a 'Qualified' then the normal process in Legalesign is an 'Advanced' eSignature.

Should I use Qualified Signatures?

Qualified Signatures will ensure your contract signatures meet the highest standard possible.

Some contracts require Qualified Signatures by law, but for many others Advanced Signature may be appropriate too.

Qualified Signatures have some constraints for multi-party documents you should know about.

Those constraints arise because when a Qualified Signature is applied, a PDF cannot be changed any further, and only more Qualified Signatures can be applied.

This has workflow implications. For example, you cannot have anyone complete a form, or change any content after a Qualified Signature is applied.

In addition, once one Qualified Signature is applied, you can only add more of the same. Later signers cannot go back to using Advanced Signatures (although an earlier signer can use Advanced Signature which is later followed by a Qualified).

Finally, some features on Legalesign that change the final PDF are not available. We cannot append an audit log and you cannot use the form field that enables signers to upload PDFs that are then appended to your contract.

How does it work?

Legalesign has partnered with ZealiD who issue Qualified Signatures via their App.

There is a one-time app installation and identity verification process for a signatory on ZealiD that takes about ten minutes.

After that, signing with Qualified Signature is extremely easy. All the signatory needs to do is use their ZealiD App to scan some codes shown on the Legalesign signing page.

How do I get started using Qualified Signatures?

  1. Contact support or your account manager to get them enabled on your account - contact us.

  2. Once they are enabled on your account you can simply select which signers to offer them to on your Send page. You can make a Qualified Signature required or optional.

  3. Signatories will need to install and set up ZealiD on their mobile device to apply a Qualified Signature. This takes about ten minutes. Once the app is installed Qualified Signatures can be applied quickly and easily.

  4. Your contracts will have the Qualified Signature of the signer applied to them, and then be Long-Term Certified by Legalesign to ensure the final signing date is confirmed and the document is known to be finalised.

For more information about using Qualified Signatures on Legalesign or to start using them now, contact your account manager or email support.