Organisation and GDPR

GDPR - Delete a signer/data subject

You may be obliged to delete personal data you hold under GDPR. Use this feature to delete signer and approver data. Click the account button in the top-right navigation bar > Organisation > Data Deletion. Where to access the organisation page from within a Legalesign team Data deletionFilter data by using the 'Search’ option, select the type of data (‘PDF template’, ‘Text/HTML Template’, ‘Created/Sent Document’, ‘Attachment’) and enter the file’s ID.

An example of an ID would be: b52c5f03-9bdb-4439-baec-dda942d856f7. Use the Delete button to effect changes. Or filter data using a date and time range. Data deletionTo delete a document, click the checkbox beside a document, press ‘Delete’ and confirm your choice by typing ‘delete’ into the confirmation box. Data will then be deleted within 24hr. Data deletion Data deletionThe below video guide shows how to access the delete data section within Organisation, delete an individual record and a multi-selection.