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We work with partners to deliver packages that generate value for customers. Channel partners choose Legalesign for its meeting of enterprise compliance standards, alongside a feature set that covers the wide complexity of enterprise signing, witnessing and approval scenarios, including typical IT requirements such as Azure SSO and Sharepoint integration. The platform is adaptable and can scale across the departments of an organisation. Legalesign support is top-rated in the industry.

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“The flexibility to offer an electronic signature service has been an instant hit, and the tailored approach used by Legalesign means we’ve been able to provide greater accessibility for customers of The Cambridge. Utilising a digital space to share signed documentation safely means we’re able to track letters and forms, we can quickly send follow-up and reminder messages, and the secure delivery of Product Switch forms is vitality important for us.”

Andy Fowler

Mortgage Adviser, Cambridge Building Society

"I believe using Legalesign has saved us a few thousands of pounds, mostly in time, that is the expensive part of running a business, as well as being seen as a progressive business using the most up to date technology. Every now and then you may miss someone who would be suitable for a post, but maybe they didn’t have the time or facilities to print off the documentation and sign it. There’s tough competition out there in the recruitment field, there are other agencies that are making it easy for candidates, so we have to be one step ahead of the game and embrace the latest technology."

Rebecca Bannerman

Co-Founder, Amber Employment Services

"Legalesign has definitely helped us with the initial contact with clients and keeps our reputation and professionalism at the heart of everything we do. We quite often get feedback when we are sending contracts to lawyers who represent the families, saying how much they like Legalesign, remarking on how easy it is to use and how effective it is for getting contracts to sign."

Lucy Challenger

CEO, Polo & Tweed

"Using Legalesign is an easy way of having secure and professional contracts or documents sent to clients. On top of that, we have the Salesforce integration that helps speed our registration process as all the information is automatically transferred to each account.”

Diana Cracea

Software Systems Administrator, Futurelink Group

“Legalesign allows clients to sign our paperwork at the touch of a button... giving clients a much better service. It has saved us money [and] it helps also with security. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs clients or customers to e-sign paperwork over the internet or by the use of their iPhone."

Abbie Keech

Solicitor & Director, Oakwood Solicitors

"The kind of customer service I experienced with Legalesign is something that is becoming quite rare these days, so when you get someone who actually bothers, like Nick who was so patient when I asked the same questions over and over again, it makes a huge impact. This was the complete opposite to what I found with another e-signature provider we were considering. They weren’t personal at all, they were expensive and pushing the money side first, so it just goes to show that when you bother to add value to customers it works better for your business."

Natalie Edwards

Executive Assistant and Office Manager, XMOS

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