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We work with technology and channel partners to deliver packages that generate value for our partners and their customers.

Channel partners choose Legalesign for its best-in-class offering. Legalesign competes with arguably the most comprehensive and well developed feature-set available. Its excellent usability means end-customers can easily adopt and then scale Legalesign through their organisation with minimal training. Top-rated support provides final peace of mind.

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The platform has evolved over several years to meet the myriad business requirements your end-customers do not yet know they need, has high availability and reliability, and is also ISO27001 certified.

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ISO 27001 Certified Crown Commercial Supplier Advanced Electronic Signature
Users love Legalesign on G2 Legalesign recognized in E-Signature based on user reviews Capterra Legalesign reviews Read Legalesign reviews on G2 Crowd
"I would recommend that anyone looking for an document signing solution to have a good look at Legalesign. The system is very reliable and has great functionality + via their API you can achieve excellent levels of integration with existing software. However, the best part is without doubt their customer service. A lot of online providers shout about their support, these people actually exceed what you expect. I hope this review does not sound too over the top, but try them, you will see what I mean." P. Savine, Judson Savine
"I needed an esign product that would be easy and simple to use, only a few documents but going out regularly, individually and in batches. Legalesign is absolutely great. The tracking is ideal as I can instantly spot all those people who haven't actioned )(or those that say they have and they really haven't). Sending documents takes seconds, and the batch process is really fabulous, today sending 60 contracts out took me less than 30 seconds - it makes a big difference. Support is great too, and always on hand. Would thoroughly recommend." S. Patterson, Kids Bee Happy
"Legalesign has an easy to use interface. You can customize a lot of the features, email design, copy, etc. It looks really professional when you take advantage of all they have to offer. The customer service is fantastic. Any question I have, the team is on instantly. We switched over from Docusign after having our account executive change multiple times and to try and save money. We have been very happy we made the jump!" A. Patzius. Influence & Co.