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How Do Electronic Signatures Work, and What Can eSignature Software Do for Your Business?

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What Is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature (eSignature) is a digital replacement for a handwritten (wet) signature and is just as legally binding.

Traditionally, a signature is used to affix the unique identification mark of an individual to a document as undeniable evidence that they have personally witnessed and certified some or all of the contents of the document.

UK law uses a “technology-neutral” approach, allowing the law to adapt and evolve in line with technology. The same technology-neutral approach is also taken by the EU's Advanced Electronic Signature Standard and US law.

Because the law lays down the criteria for creating a contract, not the technology that must be used, an eSignature is legally binding, just like the wet signatures they are replacing.

Did you know? In the 16th Century, to prove document and contract authenticity, the two parties involved would tear the paper in half. Then, upon a dispute, the perfect fit of a document's halves would prove its authenticity.

In the modern world at Legalesign, we perform this document authenticity by PDF Certification.

eSignature for Business Handbook

Download the PDF summary on esignature law
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For Day-to-Day Signatory Flows, Advanced Electronic Signatures and Qualified Electronic Signatures

Your business is unique, and your eSignature platform should be too.

From the basic electronic signature checkbox, used every day by thousands of businesses around the world, to Advanced Electronic Signatures and Qualified Electronic Signatures, Legalesign adapts to meet your business needs.

Our electronic signature technology offers different levels of security to suit your requirements; all from the same intuitive interface.

Whether you need a basic electronic signature, an Advanced Electronic Signature with document certification or a Qualified Electronic Signature with an ID/Certificate issued to each signatory, Legalesign is a comprehensive tool that covers electronic signatures for all businesses.

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Legalesign: How Do Our Electronic Signatures Work?

Electronic signatures are fast becoming the gold standard for business.

In the age of technology, why not take advantage of it? eSignatures offer a quick, convenient and secure alternative to wet signatures.

With Legalesign, when you send your documents out to be signed, you'll know you're connecting with the right person and retaining complete control of the signing event via single-use links. Adaptable software integrates with your current identity check requirements, so you can use email or two-factor authentication to validate your signatories. And when you get your document back, Certified PDFs (with backups) mean you can be confident you've got a tamper-proof, time-stamped document, complete with authenticated signatures.

Need a witnessed eSignature? Enjoy all the ease and security of our standard process alongside our device-lock feature, creating a document that engages all parties to sign in the same cookies session.

Secure, certifiable eSignatures are just the beginning, though. With Legalesign's software, there's a clear audit trail, and by eliminating paper, printing and ink costs, you're future-proofing your processes. Save staff time and give your clients the best possible signing experience.

Over 70% of documents sent using Legalesign are signed, completed and returned within the day.

Isn't it time you made the switch to electronic signatures?

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Advanced Electronic Signatures With Legalesign

Advanced Electronic Signatures with our software give the issuer and signatory absolute confidence in the authenticity of both the document and signature.

Created as a part of the EU's eIDAS Regulation, an Advanced Electronic Signature must be uniquely linked to the signatory, capable of identifying the signatory, be created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under his/her sole control and be linked to the data signed therewith in such a way that any subsequent change in the data is detectable

Legalesign is an electronic signature portal for business that takes care of Advanced Electronic Signature requirements behind the scenes, leaving you with an eSignature tool you can use with absolute confidence in any scenario.

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Flexible plans and No Lock Ins

We work with our clients to ensure they only pay for the productivity they use. Get eSignature on demand and automated features when you need them with flexible price plans to suit your business.

(*excludes automated functions, such as Bulk Send, Embedded Documents and API)

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Law Commission consultation on eSignature

The Law Commission are consulting on electronic signature, and considering witnessing, video links and other possibilities.

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GDPR, electronic signature and Legalesign.

Legalesign has a portal so customers can meet their obligations as data controllers under GDPR; it includes facilities to provide signers with access to their data, to ensure you stop processing a person's data, to set data retention policies, and to delete personal data.

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