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What is Linked Recipients

Linked recipients is a single pane where you can input contact details for several documents simultaneously. When you are ready to send, simply use the ‘Link Recipients’ option to input recipients' details and assign those details across documents, enabling you to coordinate contact details for recipients of a multi-document batch in just a few seconds.


Update News V1.4.0

This week's release on Legalesign Beta brings enhanced features and functionality and a better user experience: custom zoom level, document fitting, undo feature added, notification reduced to minimum levels, and upload optimisation.

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5 Ways Building Societies are Benefiting from Electronic Signatures

From opening a new account to taking out a loan, getting legally binding documents signed is an essential part of a Building Society’s workflow. However, using a traditional wet ink method (pen and paper) can present many operational, logistical, and financial challenges for Building Societies and their members.


Legalesign's Achievement in the G2 Spring 2024 Report

The G2 Spring 2024 Report has been announced, and we are thrilled to share that Legalesign has been awarded 11 badges, with several 'High Performer' badges across various categories and we once again secured 'Best Support' and 'Easiest to do Business with' for Enterprise.

How Legalesign Supports Customers During Implementation

Legalesign's straightforward, five-stage eSignature implementation strategy for Enterprises, ensuring customers receive full support from start to finish.

How eSignatures Can Help Improve Insurance Claims Processing

Most insurance claims will need a signature at some point. Electronic signatures are improving claims processing by making the workflow faster, more accurate, more efficient, and helping improve the customer experience.

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Get the Most from Your Forms

Legalesign forms are so much more than scanned paper, and can give so much more to your business.


Three eSignature Stats That Will Amaze You

Trees, time and money - three amazing stats from Legalesign eSignature


Legalesign Sparkles in G2 Winter 2024 Report

It’s always nice to get an early Christmas present and the G2 Winter 2024 Report didn’t disappoint. We have received 12 badges with several new High Performer badges across various categories and we also won "Best Support" and "Easiest to do Business with" badges.

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Digital Signatures and Electronic Signatures, What's the Difference?

There is a lot of confusion about what type of signature you need to sign a document online. In this blog we look at digital signatures and electronic signatures, how they work, their differences, use cases and what is the right one for you.

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How Legally Binding are Online Signatures?

We explore the types of eSignatures, what makes eSignatures legally binding, the laws governing them, and the situations where eSignatures should and should not be used.

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How to Find the Best Document Signing Software 2023

Electronic Signatures have revolutionised the way organisations and individuals handle paperwork by offering a secure and convenient method for digitally signing documents. We will guide you through what you need to consider when looking to choose a document signing software for your business.

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Unlock the business value from eSignature technology using Legalesign, the most feature-rich and secure Uk-based platform for daily business use.

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Working With Your Workflow

The Legalesign eSignature platform can accommodate signing processes that range from simple document signing or approvals, up to complex multi-party, transactions.

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HMLR White Paper

A comprehensive document covering the adoption of Electronic Signatures and Witnessing by HM Land Registry, and Legalesign for conveyancing.

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