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Simplify the signing of financial agreements to delight your customers and enhance compliance

Less paperwork, faster signing

From opening new accounts to taking out a loan, getting legally binding agreements signed forms an essential part of the financial services industry. Electronically signing these documents using Legalesign can dramatically simplify the signing process. eSignatures enable agreements to be processed faster, help ensure security, compliance all while offering a superior service to your customers.


Get financial agreements and other documents signed electronically and bypass the delays caused by physical signing.


Legalesign's robust audit trails provide a comprehensive record of every signature and document, enabling teams to easily demonstrate compliance with industry regulations.


Delight your clients with a fast, professional signing experience enabling them to sign wherever they are and at a time that suits them.

Automate your Signing Processes

You already use a number of applications and workflows in your business, with Legalesign you can automate the sending and signing of documents straight from your existing tools via our API. The Legalesign API allows you to programmatically trigger electronic document signing to create a seamless, automated experience for you and your clients backed by Legalesign's secure eSignature Platform.

Accuracy and Compliance

With process automation and customisable templates, errors and omissions are minimised, reducing the risk of costly mistakes in critical documents. Legalesign's robust audit trails provide a comprehensive record of every signature, enabling your teams to effortlessly demonstrate compliance with industry regulations and internal policies.

Reduce Costs

By eliminating the need for paper, printing, and postage, you can immediately reduce operational expenses. Additionally, digital documents are easier to organise and store, significantly cutting down on physical storage costs. The streamlined document workflows and automated processes facilitated by Legalesign not only save valuable time but also decrease administrative overheads.

See how eSignatures work with Your Business

See How eSignatures Work With Your Business.

Unlock the business value from eSignature technology using Legalesign, the most feature-rich and secure Uk-based platform for daily business use.

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