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Data security is at the heart of our culture and practice.

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Security day in day out. Data protection is cultural and ethical, not only technical.

Legalesign's three key data security objectives thread through everything we do. First, to deliver services within a secure environment, second is to risk assess, and third, to promote data security at a cultural and ethical level.

"Easy, quick and secure. Best thing for landlords and tenant. Mitigates losing important documents on both landlord and tenant side."Customer in property sector

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Certified ISO 27001 for information security

ISO27001 is the international standard for best practice in information security. It provides a management framework to ensure the organisation covers all the bases on information security, as well as a system for continual improvement. Legalesign was certified in 2016, so we have been continually improving and evolving our information security in line with best practices since the earliest days of the company. ISO requires an external annual audit from an independent assessor.

"I like how efficient the portal is. The use of the system and the way we as a business have used this product has helped us no end. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a secure, quick and easy to use product that can help with reporting and provide updates to the status of outstanding contracts." Flo Software
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ISO 27001 certificate
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Certified Cyber Essentials Plus for cyber defence

We design our systems to be highly resilient and for total uptime. You can check Legalesign service history at the status page. Legalesign is Cyber Essentials Plus certified, a UK government approved certification to give public services confidence that their suppliers are built to withstand attacks.

"Legalesign esignature allows clients to digitally sign our contracts at the touch of a button... giving clients a much better service. It has saved us money [and] it helps also with security. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs clients or customers to sign contracts over the internet or by the use of their Iphone." Oakwood Solicitors
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Certification text from PDF

PDF Certification + Long Term Validation (LTV). All data encrypted at rest and in transit.

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit, using not less than 256 bit algorithms. Legalesign's EV certificate gives you and your customers total confidence you are accessing Qualys SSL Labs test certificate as A+ rated. PDF Certification ensures your signed documents are independently verifiable and tamper-proof. You ensure your documents meet a key legal test, and you avoid supplier dependency. Read more about electronic signature law in the UK.

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GDPR & Compliance

Legalesign is a sub-processor for your data according to GDPR, and also a data controller. Our terms offer comprehensive coverage on GDPR obligations. Legalesign is the only esignature provider (we know of!) that provides a specialist GDPR feature set so you can meet your own obligations as a data controller quickly and easily.

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Browser crash protection built in

Your users can save custom fields while they are sending out documents, and create a workflow from it for fast re-use: a key feature for you if your documents require a lot of customisation. Your signers also get auto-saving form fields. This offers your customers an excellent experience if their browser crashes, or if they need to go away and come back later. Legalesign is the only eSignature provider we know of with this feature.

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Two Factor Auth via SMS Text

Enforceable two-factor for your users, or SSO with SAML.

You can require your users all to have two-factor authentication to log in to the system. They can select from an app or from SMS text messages. You can also set up Single Sign On with SAML, which means you can login through any SAML supporting system, such as Azure, Google or Okta, read more about SSO.

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