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The electronic signature Web App is intuitive and beautifully designed. No special coding knowledge is needed to get documents setup and sent out.


Prepare documents in just a few clicks. Setup and customise your documents to be sent and signed. Save drafts for fast re-use. Automate reminders.


Get document Signed and Certified with Long-Term Validation for indepently audit-trailed and tamper-proofed sealed documents.

What is the eSignature Web App?

The Web App is an electronic document signing solution for organisations. It gives you complete control over how you create, send, and get documents signed, witnessed or approved online. It's scalable across different teams and functions, with granular user permissions. Using a simple, secure web browser interface, you can upload any document type to be converted into a PDF for signing. You can then choose to send this document to one or multiple people for signing using an advanced electronic signature.

Track and Manage the Document Lifecycle

With Legalesign you get real-time document status updates. You can see instantly when an email is opened, a signer visits the document and then signs. And if they haven’t signed, you can schedule automatic reminders. There is a full audit trail for every document with a detailed list of who sent it and when, who signed it, where were they signed and actions they took, and finally when the document was completed. The IP address of all parties is also included, and time stamped. 

Simplicity and Security for Sender and Signer

Security is at the heart of our culture and approach. Legalesign is ISO 27001 and Cyber Security Plus Certified. For the signer, verification the platform provides single-use links and adapts to your identity verification needs through email or SMS two-factor authentication. All signed documents are converted to tamper-proof, time-stamped Certified Long Term Validated PDFs for confidence in the integrity of your documents.

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