eSignature for Property Professionals

Faster property completions, leases, and transfers

Faster Signing and Enhanced Document Oversight

In the property industry, there are a whole host of documents that need signing by vendors, purchasers, agents, and lawyers. Leases, renewals, references, deed transfers, and property inspections all need to be signed, but getting a document physically signed can be time consuming and frustrating. Legalesign has developed integrated eSignature solutions to help streamline processes, enhance compliance, and dramatically speed up the signing process.

Signing at Speed

Sending documents to be signed using an eSignature can speed up contract signing, meaning you get paid faster, deals progress quicker and customers are happier.

Reduce Paperwork

By moving to electronic document signing, you can reduce the amount of physical paperwork you have to deal with as well as cutting the associated costs of printing, sending, and storage.

Decrease Oversight

See at a glance the status of each contract, who has signed and who has yet to sign. With a secure record of past contracts, you have complete control of the entire document lifecycle.

Integrate with your Applications

Legalesign’s eSignature platform can integrate directly into your existing tools and workflows via our API. The Legalesign API allows you to programmatically trigger electronic document signing to create a seamless, automated experience for you and your clients backed by Legalesign's secure eSignature Platform.

Multiple Signers? No problem

Often you will have lots of remote parties that all need to sign a document. It can take weeks just to get all the signatories. With Legalesign you have a central copy of your document that all parties can sign within a few moments of its creation. And at a time/location of their choosing and on a variety of device types.

Reduce Costs

By eliminating the need for paper, printing, and postage, you can immediately reduce operational expenses. Additionally, digital documents are easier to organise and store, significantly cutting down on physical storage costs. The streamlined document workflows and automated processes facilitated by Legalesign not only save valuable time but also decrease administrative overheads.


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