eSignature for Accountants

Get important signatures signed faster while meeting legal requirements

Tax Returns

Accountants must prepare full annual accounts and company tax returns, which require signatures. eSignature meets the requirements of Companies House and HMRC; perfect for filing your tax returns.

Financial Documents

You often handle client approval for financial statements and audit reports before finalising and submitting them. You can track and review the documents and provide signatures online, expediting the approval process.

Fee Letters

Fee letters are documents that outline the terms and conditions of the fees charged for your services. Using eSignature can help establish a clear understanding between you and your client regarding the financial aspects of the engagement.

Security, Accuracy, and Compliance

Using eSignature you are ensured your tax forms are signed confidentially and your sensitive data remain protected. With eSignatures, your documents comply with UK Law since 2002 and the EU's eIDAS Regulations from 2016. The U.S. ESIGN Act also approves electronic signatures for contracts. Legalesign ensures compliance with eIDAS, employing advanced security like audit trails and two-factor authentication. This protects documents, reduces identity theft and forgery risks, secures tax document signing, ensures privacy, and prevents fraud in transactions.

Close Deals and Get Paid Quicker

For accountants handling high volumes of tax compliance paperwork each season. You can speed up your document signing process so deals, agreements, and tax returns can be processed instantly. Get more of your important documents signed faster, by reducing the time required to print, sign, mail, collect, and manually file tax paperwork.

Stay Organised

Accountants must ensure everything is organised and documents are accurate, from annual audits to financial operation documents, and tax returns. You can benefit from request reminders, status notifications, and audit trails, as you get a chronological record of all actions associated with all your documents, including who accessed it, when, and what changes were made. You will know exactly when your clients are completing and approving their tax forms.

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