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Legalesign has provided eSignature to the UK public sector for many years

Legalesign has provided eSignature to the public sector for many years, and serving the complex needs of the sector is one of our core goals. Focusing on key areas like Accessibility, ISO27001, Cyber Essentials Plus, Social Value, excellent support and account management, UK Data Storage, and a GDPR feature-set, Legalesign has over 10 years of experience in eSignature for public sector institutions.

"Started using Legalesign in March 2020 to allow for business continuity when working from home but requiring signatures. The system is easy to use, and any issues are always quickly resolved by the customer support team. We now use the software across departments, covering multiple document workflows."

R Scott, Procurement, Dumfries & Galloway Council

Streamline your Document Signing Processes

By switching to Legalesign eSignatures, you can streamline processes, enhance security and compliance, and reduce the cost of getting documents signed. Legalesign has over 10 years in signing workflow experiences, and has features for scenarios across all areas of an organisation, serving HR, Legal, Clerical, and Administrative departments and more.

Compliance & Trust

ISO27001 Certified, Cyber Essentials Plus Certified, contact us below for our document on how Legalesign meets the NCSC 14 Cloud Security principles and talk to us about how Legalesign has applied social value principles throughout our operation.

Easy for Users

Our newly modernised app offers the very latest in UX/UI, scalability, and speed, making it easy to use for anyone in the team. Legalesign also provides first class support and account management, earning the title of G2 Enterprise Support Winner Spring 2024.

UK Focus

As a UK company providing services to the public sector, all data stored and processed by Legalesign is done on secure UK servers. With robust, certified security policies to meet GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018. Legalesign was the first to deliver UK specific eWitnessing.

GCloud13 - Provide an Enhanced Service to the Public

The public wants to see that government services are working for them. By implementing eSignatures from Legalesign, they will not only be able to access services faster, but the online signing experience will enable them to sign wherever they are and at a time that suits them. It demonstrates your commitment to improving efficiencies and reducing the environmental impact of government. Legalesign is on The Digital Marketplace for GCloud 13 public sector procurement.

Security, Accuracy and Compliance

With process automation and customisable templates, errors and omissions are minimised, reducing the risk of mistakes in critical documents. Legalesign's robust audit trails provide a comprehensive record of every signature, enabling teams to effortlessly demonstrate compliance with regulations and the law. All this is backed by Legalesign’s secure ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials Plus certified platform.

"After frustrating trials with a number of electronic signature providers, including some of the best-known names in the field, we finally found a product which offered all the features we wanted and the flexibility we needed at a realistic price. Legalesign was immediately easy to use and the development team provided exceptional levels of support to help us achieve rapid integration with our bespoke, in-house software. As a result, we were able to implement our full solution for generating and managing complex multi-party contracts very quickly and keep several business-critical projects on track. Feedback from end-users has been very positive, as this not only saves a great deal of time but also provides absolute clarity and assurance throughout the process. The ease with which we can now make updates to key legal documents means that this is no longer a bottleneck in our development process, enabling us to focus on our real work!"


Integrations for Value

Integrations can improve the productivity and value of your eSignature system. Legalesign has an easy-to-use API and ready-made integrations across commonly used softwares, including through low-code tools like Microsoft Power Automate. Our team is on hand to help deliver optimisation to fit your workflows.

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Get our detailed guide about how we work to the NCSC 14 cloud security principles, or talk to us about how we deliver Social Value, or for a demo of how the system works.

NCSC 14 Cloud Security Principles.

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