What is Legalesign? Built for business use, Legalesign is a high reliability, secure, real-time legal eSignature & contract management platform with industry leading customer support.

ISO 27001 Certified Advanced Electronic Signature
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Why choose Legalesign? “Legalesign is intuitive and simple yet also comprehensive and sophisticated... I thoroughly recommend it!” - Angie Mildon, Property Manager

Industry leader in Customer Support

Top rated by G2 for customer support, Legalesign e-signature software evolves from real-world business situations in partnership with our customers. Customers come first every time at Legalesign - check out the online reviews.

High reliability uptime & Certified PDFs

PDFs certified with long term validation (LTV) to guarantee integrity. We bias our investment towards infrastructure to provide high reliability and security, investing where it matters to business and to minimise your costs long term.

Realtime platform & tracking

Over 50% of contracts signed within 1 hour. Minimise training time and admin: tested and refined over 1000's of studied interactions for the best esign and user experience. Features as standard: multi signers, permissions, branding, real-time listings and notifications.

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What our customers say

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"Legalesign allows clients to sign our contracts at the touch of a button... giving clients a much better service. It has saved us money [and] it helps also with security. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs clients or customers to sign contracts over the internet or by the use of their Iphone."

— Abbie Keech, Solicitor and Director, Michael Lewin Solicitors

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IT Professionals

"I am really pleased with the service we have received from Legalesign, especially the support. It has made life a lot easier for us! "

— Fiona McInver, Business Development, IT Hotdesk

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We tried all the electronic signature solutions... Legalesign not only offered the easiest system to use but also had the best contract management system on the market.

— Sabrina Laverty, Ackerman Pierce

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Events / HR

Legalesign won our business hands down: fast, comprehensive and cost effective.

— Anthony Jones, Human Resources, Bristol Sport

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"Our contract signing is business critical and Legalesign has provided the support, reliability and features that we need. Not to mention the £600 we save in ink alone every month."

— Jon McCarthy, Director, Vanquish Claims

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API / Software

"Legalesign is a fast and efficient way of signing and securely storing important documentation. Our dealers are saving at least £2,000 per annum in paper and printing costs. [Legalesign] delivers a seamless esignature experience for our customers."

— Tim Sheriff, Managing Director, Automotive Systems

also used by accountants, insurers, estate and lettings agents, finance companies and others...

Successful Electronic Signature API integration

"I am definitely planning on using the Legalesign electronic signature API again soon. I appreciated the support and attention to security."

— Arthur King, Head of IT, N4Gtv.com

"Legalesign's contribution to the success of the project has been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

— Dennis Niccol, M.D., Web Builder Pro

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Use electronic signatures for customer experience

Legalesign has been designed to just work for you and your customers, intuitively, easily and quickly. Our design philosophy is focused around getting your task done with the least clicks and hassle.

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Use electronic signatures to improve productivity. Save from the top line and cut overheads

Sign your contracts online with esignature to increase your sales turnover and cut your overheads. Getting contracts signed promptly decreases customer drop-out rates, increases speed of sales turnover, decreases costs from delays and cuts administrative time.

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Use electronic signatures to adapt and scale. Esign & your business.

Using a team oriented approach we differentiate with our focus on systems that can adapt to our changing customer needs while being stable in the fast-moving tech world. Ideal for growing businesses. Pay only for what you use.


Legal Compliance

Esign is suitable for business contracts that do not need to be signed by a notary, subject to any specific contract regulations*.

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*No legal advice is given by Legalesign. It is the responsibility of the user to check the suitability of esigning for their jurisdiction and content.

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