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Bulk Send combines Legalesign's powerful contract management system with our secure electronic signature functionality. It's the ultimate tool for high-volume jobs requiring eSignatures or approvals in bulk.

Simplify your bulk signing workflow; electronic signature programs make it easy to send documents to hundreds of people in just minutes. With Legalesign, automated reminders, real-time tracking and notifications give you total control over your process. And because you only need access to an internet connection and email to use our app, your signatories can sign and return documents just as fast.

In-app flexibility means you can take your client data from form fields, mail merges and existing databases in CSV and Excel, and send thousands of custom contracts to different signers in minutes.

Keep your contacts safe. With Legalesign, you can automatically have your contacts transferred into your own private cloud storage the moment they sign.

Get all this in a flexible price package that means you only pay for what you use. Supercharge your workflow with prices starting from just £1/document.

Designed for Distribution at Scale

PDF Templates

Legalesign's PDF editor gives you flexible document customisation for every bulk PDF signing. PDF templates with intuitive customisation make eSignatures at scale simple.

Personalise documents for each recipient with mail merge, and add additional form fields if required. Control how signers proceed through their form with dropdown boxes, checkboxes, and date fields, along with full visual customisation.

In case there's anything missing, you can customise the default text for empty fields so every document you send looks just the way you want it.

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Bulk Send

With your PDF template ready, getting it into the hands of your signatories is just a few clicks away.

Creating a CSV of signatories is easy with our ready-made CSV. Simply fill in the mandatory data, such as signer name and email, then add the mail merge labels if you're using them. Our Bulk Send for PDFs will then read the first row to establish which columns contain signer information and which contain mail merge fields.

In case there's a discrepancy between the CSV file and the data our system expects, our error reporter gives accurate information, so it's easy to find and fix the problem. Of course, if that doesn't work, Legalesign comes with award-winning support, so you're never held up on a technicality.

Upon success you are directed back to the main Legalesign Dashboard where you will see your new set of signers begin to appear.

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Effortless Oversight

Legalesign's Dashboard provides comprehensive tools for signer management. Stay fully up-to-date on all your documents with real-time alerts for the latest activity. Quickly remove and edit documents or amend email addresses as required. Sorting and filter tools let you find what you need in moments.

Secure, Versatile Storage

Get the data you need, and store it securely wherever you like.

Whether you need the entire document or just an audit log, export your data to email or cloud storage like Sharepoint. For even more control, Legalesign's export facility means you can extract data from specific fields directly to an Excel spreadsheet.

And if you need a custom workflow for bulk digital signatures, our flexible API gives you access to all the key functionality of our secure eSignature platform.

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Only Pay for What You Use

Bulk Send functionality is available on Rapids and all plans above it. Better still, you'll never be tied into paying for functionality you rarely use. With pay-as-you-go Bulk Send pricing from just £1/document and discounts for volume, Legalesign offers remarkable ROI.

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"I would recommend that anyone looking for a document signing solution to have a good look at Legalesign. The system is very reliable and has great functionality + via their API you can achieve excellent levels of integration with existing software. However the best part is without doubt their customer service. A lot of online providers shout about their support; these people actually exceed what you expect."

— P. Savine, Judson Savine

I needed an esign product that would be easy and simple to use, only a few documents but going out regularly, individually and in batches. Legalesign is absolutely great. The tracking is ideal as I can instantly spot all those people who haven't actioned )(or those that say they have and they really haven't). Sending documents takes seconds, and the batch process is really fabulous, today sending 60 contracts out took me less than 30 seconds - it makes a big difference. Support is great too, and always on hand. Would thoroughly recommend.

— S. Patterson, Kids Bee Happy

Legalesign has an easy to use interface. You can customize a lot of the features, email design, copy, etc. It looks really professional when you take advantage of all they have to offer. The customer service is fantastic. Any question I have, the team is on instantly. We switched over from Docusign after having our account executive change multiple times and to try and save money. We have been very happy we made the jump!

— A. Patzius. Influence & Co.