About Legalesign - our mission and values, what it does, the story of the company & board of directors

Mission & Values

Our mission is to deliver transformational improvements from online digital agreements, excellence in software and service, to make a better web for all, and to be the secure and on-hand partner of choice for our customers.

Our Values:

  • Diligence in our work - professionalism, integrity and rigour.
  • Care for our customers - customers first and guardianship of customer data.
  • Technology - secure, accessible, innovative and value-generating.
  • Empowerment of our people - enhance skills and provide opportunity.
  • Continuous improvement.

What is Legalesign?

A powerful combination of features to deliver the productive value of esignature to business.

The story of Legalesign

Legalesign was founded by Ben Eliott. When Ben worked as a freelance software engineer back in the early 2000's he found that staged approvals for large projects were hard to get and enforce, but critical for survival.

With 100% of income dependent on a large project for several months, large clients could exploit weak or unenforceable approvals, creating a low income trap for workers at the bottom of the chain. Working with James Purves, a web designer, they decided to create a solution. Their first version was called 'Docshaker'.

When it became clear that making the app would be a full time project, James decided to focus on his business, Unstuck Design, but Ben pursued the vision to transform business agreements by studying for an MBA at nightschool at the University of Edinburgh and researching the idea in depth.

After the MBA he joined the University's technology incubator and put together the first versions of Legalesign, securing a few early customers.

Growth and investment was put on temporary hold while Ben dealt with a kidney condition. During this time Ben studied global eSignature law, while also re-engineering the software to be ultra-reliable; to make sure it wouldn't let customers down when he went in for treatment. The focus on ultra-reliability has stayed with the company ever since.

At that time Ben set the core of the company around customers, this orients how we think of our company and purpose, and this guides Legalesign's approach and values today.

After Ben recovered to health he created a business plan, raised investment to take the business forward - and Legalesign has been growing ever since. Today Legalesign serves organisations of all sizes and kinds, from PLCs to sole traders, public sector and private.

What differentiates Legalesign is our focus on finding the most value from eSignature technology for enterprise, on data security, and by taking a partnership approach with our customers. Customers are at the core of what we are and how we operate, and this makes Legalesign a radically better supplier and partner now and long-term.

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Board of Directors

Ben Eliott. CEO. Ben has 20 years experience in software development, and holds an MBA from the University of Edinburgh where he wrote his dissertation on electronic signature, its legal basis in the UK and how it can deliver value for enterprise. Ben is also a qualified yacht instructor, has sailed the Atlantic several times and extensively around Europe and the Caribbean.

Andrew Shaw. Chairman. Andrew is MD of a successful developer in the energy sector. He has previously been Group Finance Director at Arjo Wiggins Appleton (a FTSE 100 company), a Director in investment banking at Schroders and a Chartered Accountant at KPMG.

Read Gomm. Read was a Senior Advisor at Evercore Partners, an international corporate advisory firm based in London. He was previously a Senior Managing Director at Lexicon Partners and formerly at Citigroup and Schroders.

Christopher Wilkins. Christopher has wide UK industry experience, is a successful career entreprener and was a member of the Scottish Economic Council for ten years. He is currently on the advisory board of the Global Strategy Forum (GSF).

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