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A high volume, highly reliable eSignature API that has processed millions of documents. Integrate Legalesign eSignature to automate your document signing processes.

White labelling

The API provides a flawless integration between your app and the Legalesign eSignature platform. Your customers experience your brand and your workflows.

Reliable REST API

The easy to use and proven REST API delivers a powerful set of functions that can be implemented in a number of different formats.


Use the API to frame the PDF edit page and the signing pages to make a truly integrated experience.

What is the API?

The API (application programming interface) is a REST API for access to the features of the Legalesign Platform.

What can you do with the API?

The Legalesign API provides the functionality to either add eSignature to your own software for your end-customers, or to automate in-house processes:

You can:

  • Send a PDF to be signed, witnessed or approved by up to 99 recipients.

  • Upload a PDF and add form fields using either text markers or x/y coordinates.

  • Embed the form editor in an iframe.

  • Re-use a PDF, customising it upon sending.

  • Get a preview of your custom PDF before sending.

  • Extract the signing link and either embed the signing pages on your own website, or suppress Legalesign emails and use custom communication channels for signers.

  • Use your own domain for embedded signing pages.

  • Use HTML documents instead of PDF (PDF is recommended however).

  • Get all events reported back to a URL of your choice in realtime with webhooks.

  • Add groups and users programmatically to model multiple discrete end-customer data environments (and optionally provide legalesign app to those users too).

  • Integrate with no-code solutions like MS Power Automate.

How does API work?

The Legalesign API has several integration options to suit different applications.

Using a secure REST API your systems can communicate with Legalesign and trigger a host of functionality.

  • Website integration - provide a signing page within your own website.

  • Integrate into the Microsoft software suite via PowerAutomate.

  • Software integration - Create a seamless signing experience.

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