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Simple eSigning When You Need It With Clear, Automated Guidance.

For the tech-savvy and those who prefer a pen & paper, Legalesign offers custom form flow control for an intuitive eSignature experience, whatever the signatory demographic. Customise the guidance on each document you send, getting the eSignatures you need when you need them.

"Legalesign is so good for us as a business, it makes it a quicker process. The experience that our candidates have is now smooth and free flowing." Employment Partners
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Comprehensive Customisation for You; Auto-Save Backups for Your Signers.

Create a tailored electronic signing experience. Fully customisable forms enable complete control of the documents you create. And when your clients go to sign, our system automatically saves every completed field. So whether it's a power outage, a browser crash, or simply switching devices, auto-save keeps their progress for an effortless eSignature experience.

"Our T&Cs response rate has doubled since we started using Legalesign. It was hard work before getting T&Cs back, this has made the process quicker for us with a great response rate. As well as using it for T&Cs, you can use the portal for registration forms and reference requests. It's very easy to use and the way it's designed helps to make it useful for many areas." HTE Recruitment
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Document Oversight from Start to Finish.

Take control of your entire signing process through a single intuitive dashboard. Legalesign lets you track signer progress and every form field. Forms validation ensures that every field you need is completed when you get the document back.

"Very simple to send to clients and candidates. Great you can see them completing it in live time so if there are issues in completing the registration forms or signing terms and conditions you know exactly where they are up to without being miscommunicated." - Daniel B
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A Familiar Face Backed by Secure Technology.

Keep the look and feel your customers trust with every document fully on-brand. Legalesign works in the background, giving you full control over the visuals and branding of your document with full customisation.

"Legalesign has an easy to use interface. You can customize a lot of the features, email design, copy, etc. It looks really professional when you take advantage of all they have to offer. The customer service is fantastic. Any question I have, the team is on instantly. We switched over from Docusign after having our account executive change multiple times and to try and save money. We have been very happy we made the jump!" - Influence & Co.
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Intelligent Electronic Forms

Let your documents work for you. Conditional fields, auto-sums and single or multiple check-boxes with forms logic mean whatever your sending to be signed, your document adapts to the task at hand.

Intuitive Flow

With signer flow control, you get peace of mind that your documents are taking signers, witnesses and approvers to the right form fields. Best of all, you can tailor each individual document to suit your specific needs.

Bespoke Signing

Deliver highly-customised forms that enable an easy document signing experience. From font style and alignment to borders, default values and custom ordering, your users sign the document you want them to.

How Does eSigning Work?

The law and eSignatures don't have to be complicated, but in case they are, our comprehensive documentation and award-winning customer support is there to help. Check out our short guide on how form completion and document signing works on Legalesign.

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The Dotted Line…

With API integrations, intelligent forms and PDF certification, it's easy to forget that the foundations of contract law have been evolving for centuries. Check out a brief history of signatures and the law to see how we got here.

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