Engage your customers with easy-to-use eSigning.

Provide a great experience for your customers when you use Legalesign e-Forms and eSigning Experiences.

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Simple and clear signing with automated guidance. Accessible to all tech skills.

Precisely tailor your clients' whole experience with Legalesign's custom form flow control and eSign experiences. Different types of document and customer demographics demand different experiences. You have full control to offer the best fit for your customers.

"Legalesign is so good for us as a business, it makes it a quicker process. The experience that our candidates have is now smooth and free flowing." Employment Partners
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Comprehensive e-forms. Auto-saving for your customers.

Easy to use forms are essential to the customer experience. Legalesign e-forms cover it: tickboxes, dropdowns, date fields, conditional fields, mutually exclusive fields. On Legalesign all fields save automatically; in the event of an unexpected power outage, a browser crash, or simply switching between devices, your signers never lose what they have done - providing excellent customer experience.

"Our T&Cs response rate has doubled since we started using Legalesign. It was hard work before getting T&Cs back, this has made the process quicker for us with a great response rate. As well as using it for T&Cs, you can use the portal for registration forms and reference requests. It's very easy to use and the way it's designed helps to make it useful for many areas." HTE Recruitment
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Eliminate human error but help signers if they need it.

Form field validation is essential in helping customers complete your forms. But it's always helpful to be able to step in and assist customers if need be, and avoid re-sending document packs. You can see exactly how signers are progressing through your document by inspecting the values they have added so far.

"Very simple to send to clients and candidates. Great you can see them completing it in live time so if there are issues in completing the registration forms or signing terms and conditions you know exactly where they are up to without being miscommunicated." - Daniel B
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Branding, branding, branding. Looking good for your customers.

We stay out of the way so you can present a professional look to your signers. You get close control over the branding of your correspondence and signing pages. Upload your logos and set your corporate colours easily and quickly.

"Legalesign has an easy to use interface. You can customize a lot of the features, email design, copy, etc. It looks really professional when you take advantage of all they have to offer. The customer service is fantastic. Any question I have, the team is on instantly. We switched over from Docusign after having our account executive change multiple times and to try and save money. We have been very happy we made the jump!" - Influence & Co.
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Forms logic

Forms logic makes intelligent forms. Conditional fields become active depending on values in another fields. Logic groups enables customers to tick one of a set of tickboxes. Sum fields enable fields to auto-sum a total.

Signer flow control

Flow controls enable you set whether a signer, or approver, moves automatically forward through a fields, is presented with save buttons or not, and skips optional fields. The best fit depends on the structure of your form.

Fully featured

Select from different fonts, how to align the text in your fields, file uploads (and whether to include that file within the document or just email it to you), add or remove a border from the field, have a default value, custom ordering. Use those fields for signers, approvers or witnesses.

How to E-Sign a Document

Read our short guide an what an eSignature is, the law and how to send and e-sign a document. The guide includes a short video that shows a form being completed and document signed on Legalesign.

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Ready for a break? Read a brief history of signing.

In the 16th century parties to a document used to tear a document in half. Bringing them back together would then confirm their respective authenticity. An ingenious use of paper technology. Legalesign uses PDF Certification to achieve the same result in modern times. Take a break from your research for a short look at the history of signatures.

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