Design Emails with Branding

All outgoing email notifications sent from Legalesign can be customised. Admin users can design branded email templates with their company colours and logos to project a consistent brand image.

To start branding your emails go to Admin > Signer Experience.

The first section is Email branding (see below), set the colour scheme and upload a logo for your email notifications here. Upload a logo by clicking the preview image or dragging and dropping an image file onto it. Alternatively, click the Add/remove email logo button at the end of the section.

Below the email preview, Admin users can select colours for the different elements of the email notifications. For precise colour matching, use hexadecimal colour codes.

Don't have the colour codes to hand? Use a colour picker app to pull hex colour codes from your website.

To personalise the email's content, scroll to the Email Text section (third down) and modify the elements of your notification emails. The format below is the same for reminder emails and those sent on signing or rejection. When a Signer is sent a document they receive an email notification with the document link. The screenshot below shows the text therein, with labels for their corresponding field names in Email Text (above).

Automate specific recipient details using mail merge values with email placeholders.

Design Signing pages to bear your company logo as well.

Under the Logo on signing page section (eighth down), click on browse and select an image file for your logo (see below). The logo will be the header for all Signing pages, as below.