Documents Sent For eSignature

Defining Party-Approvers

Another way to include an Approver in a document's distribution is by allying them to a signer, thus making them a Party-Approver.

This will require the signing Party's signature to be approved before the document can progress onto the next stage and ultimate completion.

A Party can be assigned a Witness or an Approver, but not both.

To include a Party-Approver on the Send page, click the icon and enter their details just below their respective Party (see below).

Define more than one Signer-Approver by clicking Add Another button on the Send page.

Just like a regular Approver, a Party-Approver will be presented with a dialogue box where they'll have the option to Approve or Reject a signature.

Additionally, they will have the option of being able to Add another Party-Approver to the document's distribution (see below).