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Direct links - How To

Direct links are open web addresses where someone can e-sign a document.  You can use the links directly or embed them within your own website. Direct Links are ideal when you don't know who your (first) signer will be. For example, event registration, timesheets, etc. You can have up to 2 signers on a Direct Link.

Direct links are quite simple once you know the basic requirements. But if you want to get started quickly, skip down to the bottom to check out direct link video.

You can use Direct Links for 1 or 2 signer documents.

Important. If you want to embed a link contact us to make a change to your system settings.

Create a valid link:

To create a valid link you need to add some fields with some fixed label names. These are a signature for signer 1 and three signer form fields with special labels so the system can gather the signer details it needs. 

Add 2 text fields and 1 email field with these labels: 'First name', 'Last name' and 'Email' (does not need to be capitalised). The email field has to have email validation.

How to create a link:

Go to the document for which you want a direct link. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the Direct Link section. Just click 'Create Link' at the bottom of the form.

Once a link has been created it cannot be changed.  But you can create as many links as you like.

Extra settings for links:

You will see these optional settings on the form to create a link.

Email verification: When you create your direct link you can optionally have the signer verify themselves through their email (recommended).

Redirect: When you create your direct link you can optionally add a redirect web address to send the signer to after they have signed. Add the FULL redirect web address starting http or https. You can specify how you want the redirect to work - to redirect immediately or after a short wait. If you are using an iframe you can select whether to just have the iframe show a new page, or it you want the whole page to redirect.

CC emails: If you want others copied in whenever a document is signed, add their emails here. 1 per line,  up to 5 emails.

Second signer: If the document needs a second signer and you want the second signer to be the same person each time add their details in the relevant form section. You must include first name, last name and a valid email.

How to set up Direct Links for two signers:

There are three ways the system can discover who the second signer is:

1. Signer 1 adds the second signer details after he/she signs.

Add a signature field for signer 2.

2. Signer 1 adds details before he/she signs.

Add a signature field for signer 2 and more special signer forms fields for signer 1 to complete. Just like the required forms fields to make the Direct Link work, follow the same rules with slightly different labels: Add three more signer form fields for signer 1 and label them 'First name (second signer), 'Last name (second signer)', 'Email (second signer)'. Email MUST have email validation applied.

3. Signer 2 is always the same person.

Add second signer details to the form when you create the link.  Make sure there is a signature field for signer 2.

Any queries about Direct Links get in touch.

Check out this video that shows how to set up a simple 1 signer Direct Link:

Expand video for HD.