Users and User Permissions

Adding & Removing Users

Admin users can manage their Teams using the User Management page.

To Add a User

To invite a new team user:

  1. Click on Admin, then Users,

  2. Click the blue  +Add User   button in the top-right corner (see below),

  3. Enter the new user's email (which will be their login),

  4. Optional: Limit a user's access to Team assets by setting their permission level,

  5. Click on  Add user to team  to send the invitation.

For added security, use this page to:

  • Enforce a password reset policy at a Team level, and

  • Enforce 2FA at login on a per user level.

To Remove a User

Listed under Group users are all the Team's users (see above).

The rightmost column of each user record has a Remove from team  button. Click this to delete them from the Team.

When removing a user, you will be required to reassign any active documents to another user.

If you cannot see all of the features, you may need to upgrade your subscription - contact us for assistance.