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Use two-factor authentication

We strongly recommend two-factor authentication. Your login is one of the main routes a malicious actor can gain access to your account and by using two-factor authentication you will reduce this risk significantly.

With this login procedure, you will use your normal username/password and then be presented with a requirement to enter your two-factor passcode.

You can require users in your group to have two-factor authentication enabled - click on the column marked 'two-factor' in the user management page.

There are two ways to receive your two-factor passcode, either by using an app on your mobile that rotates a new passcode every minute or by receiving an SMS text passcode every time you log in.

Click on the button in the top right corner where your name is displayed and select Two-factor auth from the list.  You can select either an APP or SMS option.

If you select 'App' follow the instructions provided. Download the Google Authenticator app on your mobile, then scan the barcode that is shown in the app. It will present you with numbers that change every minute. Enter the current number into the input marked 'CODE', then press 'Verify & Enable'.

For SMS, enter your phone number. It's important to use the international format, start with one '+' symbol, then your number, omitting any leading 0.  Click 'Send code' and in a few seconds, Legalesign will send you a new PIN code. Enter that in the new input box marked 'CODE:', then press 'Verify & Enable'.  That's it, your account is now protected by two-factor authentication using SMS Text.

This video demonstrates how to set it up, and also how to require users to have two-factor authentication enabled on their accounts.

Single sign on (SS) with SAML is also available. Contact support for access.