Documents Sent For eSignature

Agreement Statements

Agreement statements are non-contractual terms a signatory must accept before accessing the document.

Agreement statements do not apply to approvers.

They appear only on the singing page and are not part of the sent document. They are, however, recorded in the Audit Log.

The default agreement statements are:

  • I confirm I am authorised to accept the terms of this document.

  • I understand that accepting the terms of this document creates a legally binding obligation.

To change, add, or remove an agreement statement:

  1. Go to Admin > Signer Experience

  2. Scroll down to Agreement Statements

  3. Edit the existing text by clicking in the box.
    Add a statement with the plus symbol just above 'Save'
    Remove the statement by clicking the minus symbol to the right of the text.

  4. Click Save when finished

Use different signing experiences for different sets of agreement statements to use as appropriate.