PDF Documents

Combine PDFs by Appending them

If you need to collate templates into one larger document to send out, you can append them when uploading or later when they're in your Document Library.

To combine PDFs from your Document Library:

  1. Go to Documents > Document Functions

  2. Scroll down to Combine PDFs

  3. Select the first document, this will be the front of the final appended template

  4. Select the second document to be appended (Optionally add more documents to append)

  5. Name the new template

  6. Click on 'Combine', then, once completed, 'Go to Document' to check the final combined template

To combine multiple PDF uploads:

  1. Go to Documents > Upload PDF

  2. Click on 'Upload multiple files'

  3. Once all files have been uploaded, click 'Append these together'

    N.B.: files will be appended in the order they finished uploading. So, to ensure accuracy, wait for each file to finish uploading before selecting the next.