What to do if an email bounces with a spam warning

When an email bounces it goes red on your dashboard. Click on the red item. A popup will appear and contain text to explain what happened.

If the email bounced because it was spam filtered then this feature is for you.

Sometimes IT administrators will increase the threshold for what they consider 'spam', bouncing your emails. These are the steps you can take to make your messages deliverable:

1. Add a personal message. Adding some more detailed text, especially personalised text such as the person's name. This will make the email more authentic, more text-heavy, and more likely to get through the spam filter.

2. Go to Admin > Email delivery. There is a form at the top of the page. Add the domain of the email (if the email is, the domain would be, and select 'Stripped HTML' from the dropdown menu. Press Add domain. The domain will now appear below the form. Stripped HTML means that images are now removed from emails to that domain. Your logo and the ability to know when a person reads the email will be removed. Go back to the dashboard and try and send a reminder again.

See this demo for how to send a reminder emails. Use this to send a new more deliverable email after you add a signer's email domain to the spam list.

3. If you still don't get through, go back to the Email delivery page and this time, add the domain and select Text from the dropdown menu, press Add domain. This will replace the existing Stripped HTML entry. Try again. Now you will be sending text-only emails to people who have that domain. If that still fails to get through please contact support.

See this video for how to do it: