Restrict the Signature Format

Legalesign allows three signature formats. Admin users can choose which formats are available to their signers. The three formats are:

  • touch/mouse

  • typed

  • image upload

To set the format, go to Admin > Signer experience > Signing Options. Other signature options include:

  • Typed signature font size: enforce a font size, or allow for dynamic resizing in proportion to field size and content.

  • Signature re-use: Legalesign links email addresses with previously used signatures, so they can be reapplied.

  • Tag signatures with additional details.

  • Signer can resize and move signature.

  • Force signature to scale with field size: allow drawn and uploaded signature formates to dynamically resize in proportion with field size.

  • Drawn signature pen diameter : set thickness of drawing line to thin, medium, thick, random, or editable by the signer.

Use a signing experience to customise this setting for different documents or different signers.

Once a document is sent, its signing methods are fixed. Signing methods cannot be changed retroactively.