Documents Sent For eSignature

How to add expiry dates for documents

You can add expiry dates for documents and increase the chance of closing deals faster and improve your overall signing rate.

Expiry dates can be added in two ways:

  1. On the Send Page before sending a document. Click the calendar icon corresponding to a recipient. Use the small pop-up to define a date and time and press Done to apply.

  2. On the audit log/details page of a sent document and following the same process as above.

An expiry date can be extended or removed altogether if you change your mind about it by accessing the document’s audit log/details page.

Watch the video below, which details how to add an expiry date on the send page, followed by a quick demonstration of removing it and adding a new one for a sent document.

If your recipient is abroad and you are using Expiry dates, do not forget you can also set the timezone right beside the email box.