Documents Sent For eSignature

How to use the contact book

You do not need to remember the details for previously used recipients. A contact book icon is displayed on the Send Page beside the email input for each signer. Clicking the icon generates a popup for searching your contacts, and it includes signers you already entered on the page.

Choose between a begins with with or contains search on the last name or email. You must enter at least one character to retrieve any results. Double-click on a contact or use the Apply button to enter the recipient’s details (first and last name, email, and phone number if you are using SMS verification) for a document or use the Apply all... option to apply the recipient’s details to all documents for that signer.

You may be interested in this article on batching (sending many documents at once).

Legalesign users with access to the Admin tab will see a new option Contacts. Within this section, Admin users can review and remove contacts. The system is fast; even with thousands of contacts, searches take milliseconds.

Watch the below video to see how the contact book works, followed by a short demonstration on how admins can delete contacts:

Please note the contact book is not compatible with incognito mode on browsers.