The signing process - talking a signer through it

This article is designed to help you talk an unsure signer through the signing process. The signing process has three parts:

  1. Fill out form fields, including signatures on the document.

  2. Document execution.

  3. Download the document.

Fields - written signatures and form fields: 

When the signer arrives at the document he or she will see a list of form fields to complete on the left hand side (or above the document on a small screen).  Fields in red are required while amber are optional. They will go green when completed. The list of form fields includes signatures as well as regular fields, like filling out text or ticking checkboxes.

Subject to the document's 'fields movement' settings, the system will try and take a signer straight through all the form fields automatically.  Saving a form field will take the signer on to the next field.

Fields movement is an advanced setting on your PDF edit page - you can use it to control how signers move through their documents. For simple forms the most common settings is to have auto-forwarding on and no-save buttons ticked on.

If it is not clear which fields need to be completed, you can assist the signer identify incomplete fields.

Execution process:

Once all form fields are complete, the list of fields will switch for some tickboxes and a 'finish document' button (or similar text). The signer must tick the boxes and click the final green button. The tickboxes are the 'agreement statements' which are recorded to the audit log. Agreement statements can be changed by a team admin. If the team admin has decided to remove the agreements statement there will only be a final green button to click.

Download page: 

After contract execution the signer arrives on the download page. Assuming there is no one else to sign the document, the signer can now download the final certified PDF.

If a password for the PDF has been created by the sender it will be written there.

If the signer has more documents to sign it will be clearly highlighted and they can press a link to jump to their next document.  In a batched document situation the signer may jump immediately through to their next document in a batch instead of going to the download page right away.

If other people need to sign the document before the final PDF is created then the download screen will say so.  The signer can logout and will receive an email when all other signers have signed and the document is ready to download.

If you want to redirect signers to another web site immediately after signing contact support.

Other signer queries:

Signer wants to come back later:  If a signer wants to review and come back to the document later, when they return they may find their original link has expired.  They will see a new page where they can trigger a new email with a fresh link to the document.  They should follow the instructions on that page and press the button (there is only one button) to trigger the email. You can extend the link authentication time if you wish.