Signer says they cannot access the signing page - Link Expired

Occasionally a signer may get a 'link expired' message when they attempt to access a document. This article explains how to deal with it.

If you are using a direct link then get in touch with, since this is likely to be an issue around permissions and the way billing is set up.

Otherwise, click on the signer's name on your dashboard and re-send a link to their document.

Check out this article on how to send a reminder link.

Follow these steps if the issue persists:

  1. Advise your signer to clear their browser's cookies and cache.

  2. Ask them to try another browser or device.

  3. If the signer is still unable to access the signing page, their IT system may be firewalling some parts of our system. The solution is for their IT department to whitelist incoming web requests from the servers and

An advanced setting is to change the authentication time for your links. Ordinarily the links are 1-use only, but you can use this setting to extend that authentication over a longer time period. Read this article about link authentication time.

If these suggestions do not work, contact support.