Account Information

How to cancel or terminate an account

Only Account Owners can cancel a subscription.

To cancel or downgrade your subscription:
  1. Go to the top right of the screen, and click Your Name

  2. Select Billing

  3. Click on Cancel my account and delete at the foot of that page (see below)

  4. Or, let us know at

Unless you have agreed otherwise, standard terms are on a per month basis.

Before you go, let us know what happened. Was it something we did? Or didn't do? Check-in with us before you leave, in case you need a feature that is already in beta testing.

Cancelling will immediately deactivate your Team(s) and all your data will be deleted. The deleted data is not recoverable.

If you would like to keep your data, please downgrade to our lowest plan (Spring).

Downgrading will remove all users but yourself (the Account Owner). All your templates and documents will still be available in the Document Library and archives.

If you just want to check over your billing, review this page on how to manage your billing.