How to apply different languages for signers

Legalesign handles many different languages for signers. You can even set different languages for signers or approvers individually.

The default selection for your signer language can be selected within your Signing Experience or on the More experiences page.

Go to the More Experiences in Admin and create new signing experiences for each language you want to cover.

Name the Signing Experience after the language you want to make it (this will make it easier to apply the right experience later), or using a naming convention. For example, add the language at the end of the name, such as MyBrand [fr] to indicate the experience will be in French.

When you send out a document you will see a dropdown list of signing experiences just to the right of the signer. Select the experience you want to use.

You can associate PDFs with signing experiences too; a different signing experience is selected automatically when you choose to send that document. See the video below.

When you create a new language experience, it's important to note that while much of the signing experience will translate, the custom text (such as email subject lines etc) will not. You will need to add the translations to cover those instances of text.

If you signer is abroad don't forget you can also set the timezone for the signer too, right below where you add their name and email. Important if you want to use the document expiry function.

Contact us for further language support, or if you need a language not yet installed.

This video shows how to create a new signing experience and use a language. It shows you how some text is in the new language, but other text needs to be altered by you, and how to specify a signing experience for a particular document: