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Single Sign On (SSO) with Okta

With SSO your users will be able to login into Legalesign from an external authentication system. This article is about how to login from Okta.

You need to register your users in Legalesign first and use the same email as their Okta email login, and then they will be able to access Legalesign via the SSO you have set up.

First contact support and let us know you are setting up an Okta Login. We need to send you some details before you continue to set up your Okta app.

Once you have the details from us, login to Okta and go to Admin. Select to 'Add Applications' Click 'Create new app'. A dialog box will appear. Select 'Web' from the Platform options and the SAML 2.0 Sign on method. Click Create at the bottom of the box. Write in 'Legalesign' app name upload a logo. Here's the logo. Right click and 'save image as' to your computer, then use it in the form above. On the next page you enter the 3 URLs we gave you.

  1. Put your 'acs' url in the first box called "Single Sign on URL", then,

  2. Untick "Use this for recipient and Destination URL" just below it.

  3. From the new text inputs that appear replace "Recipient URL" with the login URL we gave you. You can tell which is which from the URLs we gave you because 'acs' and 'login' is named in the URL text itself.

  4. Put in the Audience URI.

  5. Change Name ID Format to EmailAddress. This video shows it being done. Use the expand button in the lower right corner so you can see it properly in HD.

SSO Video on Youtube

The final step to create the app is some feedback information for Okta's own system, easy enough.

After that is complete you end up back on the Application's Admin Page.

The final step is to send us some data. This can be found in the 'Sign On' section in the middle of the page with the word "Identity Provider metadata is available if this application supports dynamic configuration." Click the link and you will go to a XML formatted page of gobledegook. This is what we want. Save that page as a file and send it to us, or just send us the web address for that XML page. Once we have confirmed we have saved those details you will be up and running.

Assign your users to the app and they will be able to login. Remember to make sure the Legalesign emails logins match your Okta email logins. Done! Your SSO login button will appear for your assigned users. If you have any queries please contact