Team Settings

How to create reminder schedules

Reminder schedules are the most efficient way of ensuring your signatories action your document.

Reminder schedules can be set to fit different documents or Parties. Get started quickly by selecting to 'just send' the reminder email and choosing a frequency to send them, e.g. every other day till 14 days out.

Finer adjustments can be done by defining:

  • the frequency of emails,

  • specific messaging (these can be personalised using email placeholders),

  • whether to skip weekends when sending,

  • the hour of the day to send,

  • and whether to send based on signer state (i.e. whether the person has visited the document or not).

If you change your mind about reminders you planned for a Party you can always delete automated reminders on the document details page.

This video shows you how to set up a ready-made reminder schedule, get it attached to a signer automatically when sending out a document, and making some final tweaks for the individual signer too.