PDF Documents

Copy PDF Fields

Available on Surge , Waterfall , and Tide plans

There are two methods to copy fields (Sender and Signer fields) from one template to another, even across pages.

  • Document Functions: For copying fields across templates, that have already been uploaded into the Document Library.

  • PDF Upload: Use to copy fields onto a new upload.

Document Functions

If two templates have mostly the same structure and layout, save time setting up fields using the 'Copy PDF Fields' function in Documents Document Functions .

  1. Select the source template using the 'From:' dropdown

  2. Select the destination document in the 'To:' dropdown

  3. Click 'Copy Fields'. You'll be able to view the destination document when copying completes.

Make sure the templates have different names (change the title if needed).

If a destination template has fewer pages than the source, fields on the excess pages will not be copied.

The 'Copy settings' checkbox matches Signer Experience and Signer flow settings from a source template to the destination.

Constrict copying by selecting specific pages from which fields will be copied. Select the source template's page that has the fields to be copied, then with the destination template already selected, choose the page onto which the field should be copied.

PDF Upload

When uploading a PDF, users can simplify form creation by copying fields from a pre-existing template. Before selecting a file to upload:

  1. Select a source template (whose fields will be copied) using the dropdown menu (see below).

  2. Upload new file. This will copy all the fields in the source document to the newly uploaded file.

After uploading, and being forwarded to the xEdit page, check the field placement and click on the green banner to send the document.

Duplicate fields within a template using the Duplicate function on the xEdit page.