Embed a document in a website

You can either use 'direct links' to embed a document, or the API. Use direct links where you don't know who your signer is, for example, event registration. A direct link reverses the usual signing process: the person fills out your form or signs your document, and then affirms their email. Use the API for more control and for customisation for the individual person.

1.Direct Link

You can embed an 'open document' for 1 signer in your website.  In this scenario each time a person arrives at the embed link a fresh document is created and ready to be completed. 

The person needs to fill in any form fields you have set up (including, at least, their first name, last name and email).

After completing that he or she will receive an email asking them to confirm.  Once they confirm the document is available for the signer to download (if there is only 1 signer set up, if there are more they will need to wait) and you are notified of a signed document.

You can optionally turn off the email confirmation required from a signer. To do this upload your PDF document and below it, on the edit page, you will see a link 'Embed'.

Add signer fields with labels (first name, last name and email are required, make sure email has email validation applied).  When those are in place you can generate a link that you can use by itself, or embed in your website.  Contact us when setting up this feature.

Read this article on direct links for all the information on this feature.

2.Esignature API

You can use the API.  With the API you can create a document and get back an embed link to put in your website.  For more information about the API, check out the documentation and to set up this feature contact us.