Organisation and GDPR

GDPR - Handling a data subject access request

Someone may ask for all the personal data you have about them under the GDPR. Use this feature to create a unique webpage and login that the person can visit to see and download their personal data and documents.

Go to your Organisation page and navigate to 'Release signer data'. Search for the person by email or last name. When found, click the name and a form pop up.

On the form enter (or use the default values for) a webpage login (you MUST save these somewhere so you don't forget them and so you can pass them on to your data subject), an expiry date for the page, and any message you want to put at the top of the webpage.

When that form is saved you will be shown a list of all the access requests with your latest at the top. Copy the unique web address and then inform the person of the web address, their username and login password. The person can access and get their data.

The website will keep a log of all the events in connection with that data access.

You can amend the expiry data for the web page, or deactivate the page at any time.