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How to batch document togethers and enforce a document order

Documents can be batched together so that signers can seamlessly move from one document to another, without having to follow any links, and avoid an excess of email notifications. Executed documents can be delivered within one email and the Legalesign user can search for batches of documents.

Go to the Send Page (main navigation), select the first document to sign and add it.

At the foot of the document section, click the plus symbol to add a second document. Continue the process until all documents in the batch have been selected.

To batch documents together tick the 'Batch docs together' at the foot of the page.

Here's how:

As with a single document, batches can be signed in sequence or in parallel. To sign in sequence use the option to enforce ordering.

If you want a signer to be able to sign all documents in one go you will need to turn off enforcing ordering. Note: Signers need not be the same for all documents, e.g.  Signer 1 on document 1 does not need to be signer 1 on document two.