Documents Sent For eSignature

How to use a saved send page

Where you find yourself repeatedly putting in the same information when Sending a document, then saved send pages are for you.

With this feature, you Freeze to re-use & share workflows so you can quickly access them, and optionally make them available to other team users. A workflow is basically a frozen Send page at a certain moment.

Saving workflows is very easy and will save you and your team lots of time, and reduce the scope for human error.

Did you know all your sending workflows are saved - if you click on a document you sent already you can rebuild its workflow by clicking on its title and then re-create send page.

To create & save a workflow, visit the Send page , add your template documents as usual, and fill the page up with all the data EXCEPT anything you will want to change later, then select to Freeze to re-use & share at the foot of the page.

If you already have used the Send Page before, then there's nothing to it. You're doing the same thing but just saving that page at any point.

You will find your saved workflows, and workflows shared in your team on the Send page, just below where you select your first document.

An example of where this will be useful for example is where the same person is always the second signer for certain contracts. Or you may want to apply a different automated reminder schedule for a given contract.

In short, anytime you find yourself filling out the same details in the Send Page, consider creating a workflow.

Watch this short video about how to create a workflow for the documents you are sending to be signed. In this situation the same two documents are being sent to the same second signers, and with same set of reminders schedules: