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Forms logic

Form logic enables you to set up intelligent fields to react to other events on your form.

To access the logic settings, go to your document edit page, click on a signer's form field. A pop-up settings form will appear, select ‘Advanced’ from near the bottom of the form.

This video shows how to access the logic settings for a field:

The Advanced options include "link field" and "link value", these are used for creating the logic connections between fields. "Link field" is a drop-down and shows you the three options available.

Logic 1 - One of a group

One of a group enables you to add a set of tickboxes and have the signer select only one of those. Useful for choosing between options

Using lists of checkboxes on your forms is a hangover from paper forms. For eForms use a dropdown box - it's much better experience for your customers.

For each tickbox you want in the group go to the logic section and enter 'One of a group' from 'Link Field' and also the same word in 'Link Value' for each one (any A-Z word).

Logic 2 - Add to a total.

This function sums the numerical values within several fields to a single 'total' field. This field is useful for documents such as timesheets or expenses.

For each field that will contribute to the sum, make it optional then go to the logic section and select 'Add to total' and write the same value into 'link value' (use a short a-z word), press 'save'. Then enter that same word in the the 'ref name' input of the field in which you want to put the sum and save that field.

This video shows you how to set up a list of fields that will contribute to a sum (hover over the video and click the 'expand' icon in lower right corner to see in HD):

Logic 3 - Conditional fields.

Activate or deactivate fields based on the value of another field. For example, you can make a set of fields become active if a user ticks a tickbox, or 'yes' is selected from a dropdown list.

Give your controlling field a 'ref name' value. Then for all the fields to activate or deactivate based on that field, select Link name "Make conditional upon..." and put the ref name for your controlling field in 'link value'.

This video shows how to set up conditional fields, hover over the video and click the icon in the lower right corner to expand the video for HD:

Fields are deactivated by default. But you can have the fields activated by default if you give a default value to your controller field. This could be '1' for a tickbox.