PDF Documents

How to remove PDFs from your document list

You can easily remove PDF templates from your list of documents through a button on the right of each listing that says 'Archive'.

This short video will show you where the Archive button for a PDF document is located:

If you haven't sent the document to be signed yet you can still permanently delete it. But once a document is sent out then it can only be archived. A document can also be deleted if it reaches its expiration policy date.

This image shows where you can find the button to permanently delete a document, this button only shows where the document has not been sent to anyone yet: Here are some related links about archiving PDFs:

To discover and unarchive an archived PDF see this article:

Lost Documents

You can 'auto-archive' documents to prevent your docs listing getting cluttered:

Understand the auto archive tickbox

To tidy up your live board and archive all signed/rejected documents, see this article:

Declutter the dashboard