Documents Sent For eSignature

Reset a Party's Fields

If a Party has filled in a document wrong and needs to fill it in again, use the Reset Signer function to clear their fields.

Need to change the recipient altogether? Use the Change signer details function.

Reset signer only works with documents that have not been certified.
Our Long-Term Validation on signed documents means they are tamper-proof. Therefore, if a document has been completed incorrectly, please send it again.

From the Dashboard, find the relevant Party and click on their name.

Using the drop-down menu, select the Reset signer button (see below). You'll be redirected to the Reset signer page. Determine the extent of the reset here.

  • Tick 'Yes I'm sure' to confirm the reset.

  • Tick 'Send New Link' to send an email notification with a new link to the document following the reset.

  • Tick 'Keep form values' to reset signature fields only.

If the Party has been assigned a witness, in conjunction with the Decide Later function, there will be an additional option to be ticked (see below)

  • Tick 'Signer to re-input witness details' to clear any existing witness details and ask the Signer who their witness will be.