Documents Sent For eSignature

Batch Documents Together

When you need to send a Party multiple documents, send them all at once using Batches. This creates a pack (aka envelope) of documents for your signatory.

Batches can be configured to be sent all at the same time, or in sequence.

To start a batch:

  1. Go to the Send page, use the dropdown menu to add your first template from your Document Library

  2. Enter recipient details

  3. Use the blue '+ Add Another' to add another template, rename it if needed, then click the amber 'Add document' button

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as needed

  5. Once all templates have been added, tick 'Batch docs together' to create the document pack (batch)
    Sent batches are displayed under the 'Batches' heading of the Dashboard (see below). Grouped according to the reference name (if available), the individual document progress will still be listed under 'Listings'. An individual document in a batch can be rejected without collapsing the whole batch.