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Instant identity verification using Lexis Nexis IDU

Instantly screen and verify a person's information using Legalesign's integration with LexisNexis IDU identity verification platform. Use the integration to verify a person's information, comply with anti-money laundering, reduce your risk of fraud and create a seamless customer journey for identity verification and document signing.

Click here to learn more about LexisNexis IDU, or see its details within the Digital Marketplace.

You get the information you want to verify by using form fields on the document. Once the form is complete the data is sent to Lexis Nexis for analysis. The IDU results are returned, linked to the signer, and can be reviewed from the web app.

From the signer's point of view there is no delay or new step, ensuring there is no attrition from identity verification. The customer journey is completely seamless and uninterrupted. Once you are content with the validation data back from the IDU, you can counter-signer or approve the document to finish.

Lexis Nexis IDU offers scorecards to instantly screen results, so you can quickly see whether the person passes validation, or needs to be referred.

The integration pushes the IDU analysis straight back into the dashboard alongside each signer and updates you in real-time.

See the demonstration video below. If you have any queries please contact us.