eSignature API

Esignature API Documentation

Legalesign Esignature API Documentation can be found on the main website. But a personalised version, with your own code to cut and paste, is linked from your account.

You need to be logged in for access to this link, but for your bookmark, this will be:

If you selected 'API configuration' when setting up your team, your personalised API documentation (and API Key) will be linked from the top navigation.

In the right hand column of your personalised api docs you will see your correct group names, and your root domain. Code samples in curl, python, ruby and php are available in the right hand column.

Go to Quickstart for examples in all coding languages, for the rest of documents examples are in curl. If you don't see anything, double check you have the right column heading clicked.

Use your custom API documentation if possible, it contains cut-and-pasteable code, the correct root domain for you, and all details about your available groups and the correct naming convention for those.

The general API documentation can be found at:

Legalesign Electronic Signature API Documentation.

Libraries written by community members are available in Node.JS and PHP.