PDF Documents

Archive a Template

Is your dashboard loading slowly, or your document library getting cluttered? Use the Archive function to clear away unnecessary files.

Archived templates will be moved into deep storage and can be retrieved. For data deletion, please use the Organisation page.

To archive signed documents from the Dashboard:

  • Click on the ' Archiving ' button to expand the menu to reveal bulk archiving options.

  • Archive individual sent documents by hovering the cursor over the title and selecting one of the revealed options (see option A below).

  • Or, click the title. From the dropdown menu, select the Archive (or automatic after 60 days) button (see option B below).

To archive templates:

  • from the Document Library click the right-most button twice to archive a document (see below).

  • From the xEdit page, click on More.

    Then select Archive this document (see left).

    If the template has never been sent, this button will be replaced by one that reads 'Permanently Delete Document'.