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Single Sign On (SSO) with Google

With SSO your users will be able to login into Legalesign from an external authentication system. This article is about how to login from Google for Business.

You need to register your users within Legalesign first with the same email as their Google email login, and then they will be able to access Legalesign via the SSO you have set up.

Login to and go to Apps login to on the SAML option click the saml optionClick the '+' symbol from the lower right hand corner, and then SETUP MY OWN CUSTOM APP. set up new saml appGoogle will give you the option to download 'IDP metadata'. Do this and send it to download and send support the google IDP dataTake a break. Make some tea. It's on us to come back to you now with more details... While you wait you can do step 3. Add a name, and a logo (it looks like this is your only chance to upload a logo, don't skip it - use the logo below). add name and logo to app Right click on this logo below and 'save image as' then use it for the App. On the next stage, we will come back to you with 3 details. Your ACS URL, your Entity ID and your Start Url. Enter those and then select EMAIL from the Name ID Format option. add the url and id details for samlStage 5 is 'Attribute Mapping'. You don't need to use this, just click 'Finish'.

Finally you just need to turn the service ON for your users. The app is now listed in your SAML app and there are clearly marked options to do this. That's it. You can now login to Legalesign using your Google account(s). You can use the start URL as a bookmark shortcut link. Google has various options to configure your dashboard for quick access to your new authentication. turn on google auth to legalesign for your usersIf you need any assistance contact