PDF Documents

How to add file fields for signers to upload documents

If you want a signer to add files when they sign a document, perhaps IDs or other supporting documentation, use file fields. There are several types of upload field:

  1. Append to PDF: this option appends the file uploaded to the PDF being completed/signed. Good for IDs or important docs since it gets certified in with the signed document. Files must be in PDF format.

  2. Attach to confirmatory email: this option emails the sender any files uploaded as part of the notification email received upon execution of the document. Good for supporting docs that you want to get from the signer, but don't want associated with the signed document itself 

  3. Zip with PDF: this options zips multiple files together and emails them to the sender as part of the notification email received upon execution of the document . This is when you know you're going to get several docs being uploaded by approvers and signers, and to save yourself some mess you get a nice and neat zipped package at the end of the day.

To add a File Upload field on the PDF edit page, drag and drop a plain text field and click on it to change its validation to any of the three types of field validation as per the example below, or watch the video demonstration.

On the signing page, the upload field will contain a Choose file button and allow the signer to browse their device for a file