Documents Sent For eSignature

Approvers on Legalesign

An Approver on Legalesign is a Party included in a document's distribution whose acceptance does not require a signature. For instance, entering a date of execution to bring a deed into effect.

To add an Approver as a Party, follow the steps for adding multiple parties on the xEdit page. Assign them any field other than a signature.

If the Approver doesn't need to mark the final document: add a discrete optional tick box to your document, with the No PDF print option turned on (so even if ticked it doesn't show).

Include fields for Approvers while using text tags by ensuring that Party has no signature fields.

After receiving the document, the Approver will be able to Approve or Reject a document using the dialogue box to the side of the document. If rejected, the Approver has the option to provide a reason for the rejection (see below). Changing the role of a Party to an Approver on the Send page effectively ignores any signature fields for that Party.