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Single Single On (SSO) with Azure

SSO enables your users to login into Legalesign from an external authentication system.

This article is about how to login using Azure Active Directory. You will need to be subscribed to a plan in Legalesign that enables SSO (contact your account manager).

It's easy to set up Azure SSO. First, create a new application in your Azure Portal, then send us the application details.

How to set up Azure SSO with Legalesign:

  1. Go to your Azure portal and click through to Azure Active Directory.

  2. In the left hand column click on App Registrations, then 'New registration'.

  3. Give the new application a name, probably 'Legalesign', and you will be required to input a Redirect URL, use this:

  4. Click 'Register'.

  5. The Application will be created and you will be shown a page with your new application IDs.

  6. Send the Application (client) ID and the Directory (tenant) ID.

We will come back to you when the system is enabled and provide a login URL.

To control access through your new application, and everything else, go to 'Enterprise Apps' in the Azure portal and search for 'Legalesign' (or the name you just gave the application).

For more information about setting up a login from Office click here.