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Overview - get started with Legalesign

To send a document for eSignature using Legalesign:

  1. Upload a file to create a template, or select one you've already prepared from the Document Library.

  2. Use the Edit page, prepare the template by dragging and dropping a signature field, and any others, for your recipient(s) to complete.

  3. Click the green banner at the top of the page to go to the Send page.

  4. Add the recipient(s) details (First and Last names, along with their Email)

  5. Click  Final Step - Create & Send , and again to confirm, to send the document.

If you are new to eSignature software, you will have no problem understanding the easy-to-use structure. But if you're already using a solution, give it an extra couple of minutes - your mind needs to re-orient itself to how we work.